What a salaried person should do?


Image result for salaryThe average salary an Indian citizen earns is ₹30000 pm, Then what should he do with a salary, assume you are an Indian citizen earning ₹30000 a month, now how will you spend that money, let’s assume that you will spend ₹20000 for your commitments and anyhow you will save ₹10000 a month now where will you keep that ₹10000 many people will keep it in the bank, what does a bank gives you 3 to 4% of interest pa, imagine what if you have invested that monthly ₹10000 in mutual funds at the end of the year you would have earned on an average 20% returns, the highest one year return of a mutual fund is 67.42%


at least on average, you will be getting 20% returns, then why do keep it in a bank account is to to make banks rich it’s your money you have to become rich, so now what would you do with your ₹10000 savings, hope you will invest in mutual funds. if you do the same let me know in the comment section, this is one option for a normal salaried person, if you want to know how to invest in mutual funds pl follow my blog and sign up for free email updates.

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