why are we living on Earth?

Yes, what you read is correct, why are we living on the earth,

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Our core intention is to earn money, let’s go back and recall what we did since we are born on earth, we went to school and studied for 12 years did they teach anything how to make money, no they taught only how to score good marks in the exam, after school, we went to college for 5 years and what they teach in college how to get good marks and how to get a good job, and there is no money concept came how to make money, and after completion of college we all got a job, remember not a good job, just a job and some they still didn’t get a job, now let’s assume on an average we are earning ₹30000 pm, remember our school and college doesn’t teach how to make money, the job what you are doing taught you how to earn money, but we waited for 17 years to earn money of ₹30000, but we still don’t know “how to save money and how to make money from the money”. No one will teach you all those things in school and college but I will teach you all those for free, for that all you need to do is keep following my blog

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